South America

2009-02-28 where we flew from Omaha, NE to Rockville, MD (F01:KOMA-KGAI) to Palm Beach, FL (F02:KGAI-KPBI), and had dinner with our future friends (no photos).
2009-03-01where we flew to Grand Cayman (F03:KPBI-MWCR) and hung out on a lovely beach.
2009-03-02where we flew to Cartegena, Colombia.
2009-03-03where some of us toured in Cartegena (F04:MWCR-SKCG), while others (like Bri) slept in with a fever. Bri later wandered in the old town by himself. Talk at dinner was about Comedies, nobody agreed that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was an excellent movie.
2009-03-04where we flew over the Panama Canal, landed in Panama City, Panama (F05:SKCG-MPMG) for fuel (plane and people), then flew to Cali, Colombia (F06:MPMG-SKCL). Bri, still feverish, skipped dinner.
2009-03-05where we flew to Guayaquil, Ecuador (F07:SKCL-SEGV), had KFC at the FBO while watching Iguana walk across the runway, then flew to Lima, Peru (F08:SEGV-SPIM).
2009-03-06where the TBM flew to Cuzco, Peru (F09:SPIM-SPZO) (others flew LAN Chile), and we tried to take a city tour while adjusting to 11,000 feet elevation.
2009-03-07where we took a train to Machu Picchu, and gazed in awe at a city on a mountaintop.
2009-03-08where the TBM flew back to Lima (F10:SPZO-SPIM), then we waited for the delayed LAN Chile flight, then ate dinner at Casa de Aliaga.
2009-03-09where we flew to Iquique, Chile (F11:SPIM-SCDA), then to Calama, Chile (F12:SCDA-SCCF), then took a van to San Pedro de Atacama.
2009-03-10where we biked and hiked at San Pedro de Atacama; to a very salty lake, then through the desert.
2009-03-11where we hiked more at San Pedro de Atacama; along a river at 16,000 feet, which we decided was not exactly a lot of fun.
2009-03-12where we flew to Santiago, Chile (F13:SCCF-SCEL).
2009-03-13where we took a city tour in Santiago.
2009-03-14where we flew on LAN Chile to Rapa Nui, Chile, then hiked up Rano Raraku to the Moai quarry.
2009-03-15where some of us pedalled a bike around Rapa Nui, then walked along the west coast looking at ruins.
2009-03-16where waited for it to stop raining at Rapa Nui, then took a van tour to Rano Kau. At 1am it cleared off, giving a wonderful view of stars, and Explora at night.
2009-03-17where we flew back to Santiago on LAN Chile.
2009-03-18where we flew to Puerto Montt (F14:SCEL-SCTE).
2009-03-19where we flew to Puerto Natales (F15:SCTE-SCNT), then took a three hour bus ride to Patagonia, arriving just at sunset.
2009-03-20where some of us hiked around in Patagonia with nearly 100mph of wind, then rode a boat to see Glacier Grey.
2009-03-21where we flew to Punto Arenas (F16:SCNT-SCCI), and tried to fly down to Cape Horn but the weather changed (to ice) right before we left.
2009-03-22where we finally flew to Cape Horn, then back to Punto Arenas (F17:SCCI-SCCI) then to Bariloche, Argentina (F18:SCCI-SAZS).
2009-03-23where we took a tour of the town of Bariloche, then relaxed at the resort.
2009-03-24where we flew to Buenos Aires (F19:SAZS-SADF), and met the bears.
2009-03-25where we took a city tour of Buenos Aires, took a nap, then saw the Carlos Gardel Tango Show from 22:00 to 24:00.
2009-03-26where we walked down to the new docks in Buenos Aires, saw the boats.
2009-03-27where we waited over an hour to leave, then flew to Iguazu Falls (F20:SADF-SARI), then took a boat under the (smaller) falls.
2009-03-28where we took the train to Iguazu falls, then flew to Rio de Janiero (F21:SARI-SBGC), and wasted eight hours on paperwork.
2009-03-29where we toured Rio de Janiero in rainy and cloudy weather.
2009-03-30where we flew to Salvador (F22:SBGC-SBSV).
2009-03-31where we took a walking tour of old Salvador.
2009-04-01where we flew to Sao Luis (F23:SBSV-SBSL), tried to take a city tour, but instead hung out at the pool and relaxed.
2009-04-02where we flew to French Guyana (F24:SBSL-SOCA)for lunch, but didn't eat beacuse we would have had to clear customs. Then we flew to Grenada (F25:SOCA-TGPY).
2009-04-03where we rented cars and drove around in Grenada. After I couldn't sleep and watched the moon fall into the ocean.
2009-04-04where we flew to Nevis (F26:TGPY-TKPN)for lunch, then flew to the Dominican Republic (F27:TKPN-MDPC).
2009-04-05where we flew to Turks and Caicos (F28:MDPC-MBPV)for lunch, then flew to Palm Beach (F29:MBPV-KPBI)to clear customs/immigration.
2009-04-06where we did nothing in Palm Beach while waiting for bad East Coast weather to move further east.
2009-04-07where we flew to Gaithersburg (F30:KPBI-KGAI)and Bri jumped out, leaving the Parents to fly, lonely, back to Omaha (F31:KGAI-KOMA).

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