Recycled Ions. I found this on the web a long time ago (probably 1998 or so) and loved it. So I recycled it.

Physics of Plasmas, Volume 6, Number 10, October 1999
Observations of fast anisotropic ion heating, ion cooling, and ion recycling in large-amplitude drift waves
S. J. Sanders, R. F. Boivin, P. M. Bellan, R. A. Stern

A recent paper, S. J. Sanders, P. M. Bellan, and R. A. Stern, Phys. Plasmas 5, 716, 1998, identified neutral particle recycling as one important aspect of severe heating and cooling cycles observed in large-amplitude drift waves. An apparent inconsistency in the ionization mean free path of these neutrals, left as an open question in the original paper, is resolved in this comment.

May 2002, Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy
Understanding of Neutral Gas Transport in the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Divertor
D. P. Stotler, C. S. Pitcher, C. J. Boswell, B. LaBombard, J. L. Terry, J. D. Elder, and S. Lisgo

Abstract. A series of experiments on the effect of divertor baffling on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak provides stringent tests on models of neutral gas transport in and around the divertor region. One attractive feature of these experiments is that a trial description of the background plasma can be constructed from experimental measurements using a simple model, allowing the neutral gas transport to be studied with a stand-alone code. The neutral-ion and neutral-neutral elastic scattering processes recently added to the DEGAS 2 Monte Carlo neutral transport code permit the neutral gas flow rates between the divertor and main chamber to be simulated more realistically than before. Nonetheless, the simulated neutral pressures are too low and the deuterium Balmer-΁ emission profiles differ qualitatively from those measured, indicating an incomplete understanding of the physical processes involved in the experiment. Some potential explanations are examined and opportunities for future exploration are highlighted. Improvements to atomic and surface physics data and models will play a role in the latter.

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