CenAm 2008

The sixth in a series of excursions to Central America.
Guidance, but no rum, provided by the Baja Bush Pilots.

Out of around 2,000 photos, here are the best 357. Enjoy.

Don't print any of these, ask for the original unscaled version!
means there's movies in there!

20071222where Papa Airlines flew me from Gaithersburg, MD to Omaha, NE.
20071230where I wandered around in the Omaha Old Market and practiced photography.
20080106where we flew from Omaha to McAllen, TX then to Veracruz, Mexico. In. One. Day.
20080107where we explored Veracruz; the aquarium, the wax museum, a nap, and the boardwarlk at night.
20080108where we explored Veracruz again. Remember Romancing the Stone (IMDB)? Some of it was shot here, at San Juan de Ulua.
20080109where we flew to Guatemala City, Guatemala, and took a bus to Chichicastenago, Guatemala.
20080110where we explored Chichicastenago, and shopped in the huge market.
20080111where we took a bus back to Guatemala City, then flew to La Ceiba, Honduras.
20080112where we flew out to Roatan, Honduras for lunch, and a glass bottom boat.
20080113where we flew over Utila, Honduras, stopped at Guanaja, Honduras to check it out, then flew to Roatan (again) to spend a few days. That night, at sunset, I stumbled into a family blowing BUBBLES! on a dock.
20080114where we relaxed at Roatan.
20080115where we flew from Roatan to Panama City, to meet up with the group again. That night, we saw a DANCING show.
20080116where we flew from Panama City to Cartegena, Columbia (you know, where Romancing the Stone was supposedly at).
20080117where I explored Old Town Cartegena, on foot, with camera. Later on, Kimber and I did it again.
20080118where we explored the forts outside Cartegena by boat and dugout.
20080119where we flew from Cartegena to Liberia, Costa Rica, then drove to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
20080120where we explored Tamarindo.
20080121where we explored Tamarindo, and I hung out on the beach (again) and took photos of sufers while Ma & Pa went looking at real estate. We met up in the afternoon. Then I ran back to the beach for sunset and moonrise.
20080122where we flew from Tamarindo back to Liberia, then to McAllen, TX.
20080123where we flew from McAllen to Omaha.
20080124 where I did not a whole lot in Omaha.
20080125 where I drove a pickup from Omaha to Chicago, stopping early due to a snowstorm.
20080126 where I drove a pickup from Chicago to Rockville, MD, arriving at around midnight, and causing my neighbors to wonder if my house was being robbed.
20080127 where I slept in Rockville.
20080128 where I went to work....Argh!

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