CenAm 2007

The seventh in a series of excursions to Central America.
Guidance provided by the Baja Bush Pilots.

Read the 'original' trip teaser, or the 'original' trip book letter. or see who was on the trip.

Out of around 944 photos, here are the best 209. Enjoy.

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20070105where I flew from rainy Washington, DC to cold and snowy Omaha, NE.
20070106where we flew from Omaha to McAllen, TX, and saw another sunset over Texas.
20070107where we flew from McAllen to Veracruz, Mexico.
20070108where we flew from Veracruz to Flores, Guatemala, and saw yet another celebration, and your typical firefight. Cessna Caravan N208TR and Mooney N929PG posed for pictures on approach to Flores.
20070109where we took a bus and a boat to Aguateca, Guatemala...and I got sick.
20070110where we wanted to fly from Flores to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, but the weather was BAD, and we took a van instead. The introduction of the Baja Bus Drivers.
20070111where we explored Rio Dulce.
20070112where we took a van back to Flores, and flew to Guatemala City, Guatemala.
20070113where we took a (painfully long) van to explored around Lake Atitlan and Panajachel, Guatemala. In a hotel lobby, we saw examples of huipil worn by many women. We got back to the hotel close to midnight.
20070114where we waited a long time for traffic at La Aurora in Guatemala City, but eventually flew to San Jose, Costa Rica (for customs, immigration and fuel) then to Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Guatemala City is excellent for photographing planes as they take off: N2018T, N206EE, N208TR, N2691Y, N397RA, N5477N, N55S, N59MM, N83777, N929PG and N9922X.
20070115where we explored Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Steve and Norma went flying in N116SM.
20070116where we flew from Tortuguero to Limon, Costa Rica, discovered that it is an international airport with NO FUEL, and then flew over the mountain to Golfito, Costa Rica.
20070117where we explored Golfito, Costa Rica. I went for a hike to a waterfall, found a bunch of ants, and an angry animal growling, but no waterfall
20070118where we flew from Golfito to Liberia, Costa Rica then to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
20070119where we explored Tegucigalpa, and a museum with lots of neat art.
20070120where we flew from Tegucigalpa to McAllen, TX.
20070121where we flew from McAllen back to Omaha and snow.
20070122where I flew from Omaha back to Washington, D.C. over more snow.

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