CenAm 2006

The fourth in a series of excursions to Central America.
Guidance and rum provided by the Baja Bush Pilots.

Out of 1,460 photos, here are the best 320 (or so). Enjoy.

Don't print any of these, ask for the original unscaled version!
means there's movies in there!

20060105 where I flew from Washington, DC to Omaha, NE.
20060106where we flew from Omaha to Laredo, TX.
20060107where we flew from Laredo to Veracruz, Mexico. ()
20060108where we flew from Veracruz to Villa Hermosa, Mexico then to Palenque, Mexico. ( x 3)
20060109where we visited the ruins of Palenque, then had lunch in town.
20060110where we flew from Palenque to San Salvador, El Salvador.
20060111where we flew from San Salvador to Managua, Nicaragua, then took an hour and a half long bus ride to Granada, Nicaragua. ()
20060112where we explored Granada by horse drawn carriage, boat and foot.
20060113where we flew from Managua to Panama City, Panama.
20060114where we spent nearly the whole day exploring the Panama Canal -- first on a boat, then at night for dinner.
20060115where we flew from Panama City to San Jose Liberia, Costa Rica. ()
20060116where we flew from Liberia to Guatemala City then to Tablones, Guatemala, then took vans and pickups to Copan, Honduras. ( x 6)
20060117where we explored the ruins at Copan.
20060118where we had bad weather, and visited the birds at Copan.
20060119where we took pickups from Copan back to Tablones then flew back to Guatemala City, and took a taxi to Antigua, Guatemala. ( x 2)
20060120where we explored Antigua.
20060121where we took a taxi back to Guatemala City and flew to Veracruz.
20060122 where we flew from Veracruz to McAllen, TX.
20060123 where we flew from McAllen to Oklahoma City and then to Omaha. (Landing Wiley Post at Night )
20060124 where I flew from Omaha back to Washington DC.

A lucky few even get photos of their plane....in flight.

N133CFDarrell's Bonanza E33A
N5ZQ Bill and Sue's Lancair 320
N761HWTerrell's Cessna 210
N77177Brian's Cessna 177
N8710QNort's Cessna 206
N929PGJim's Mooney M20F

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