CenAm 2005

20050107where I flew from Washington, DC to Omaha, NE.
20050108where we flew from Omaha to Brownsville, TX.
20050109where we hung out in Brownsville.
20050110where we flew from Brownsville to Flores, Guatemala.
20050111where we flew from Flores to Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
20050112where we explored Rio Dulce.
20050113where we flew from Rio Dulce to Guatemala City for fuel, but due to a spontaneous controller strike we couldn't depart, so we took taxis to Antigua.
20050114where we finally left Guatemala City, flew to Liberia, Costa Rica for fuel, then were forced to land in Bocas del Toro, Panama due to weather.
20050115where we explored Bocas del Toro in the bad weather.
20050116where we had enough of Bocas del Toro, took off blasting through the weather, and went over to Isla Contadora, Panama.
20050117where we explored and relaxed on Isla Contadora.
20050118where we flew from Isla Contadora to Panama City, Panama.
20050119where we expplored Panama City.
20050120where we flew from Panama City to San Salvador, El Salvador.
20050121where we flew from San Salvador to Veracruz, Mexico.
20050122where we flew from Veracruz to Texas.
20050123where we flew from Texas to Nebraska.

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