CenAm 2004, parts I and II

To avoid the harsh North American winter, half of the Walenz clan (and dozens of their closeest friends) busied themselves in Central America for three or four weeks.

The first half of the trip was with the Baja Bush Pilots and the second half was with the Rocky Mountain Bonanza Society.

Out of 3,295 photos, here are the best 461. Enjoy.

20040123 where I flew from Washington, D.C. to Omaha, NE.
20040124 where we flew from Omaha to McAllen, TX.
20040125where we flew from McAllen to Puerta Vallarta, MX then a hop and a jump over to El Liano, MX.
20040126where we relaxed in El Liano.
20040127where we flew from El Liano to Acalpulco, MX, then to Puerto Escondido, MX, THEN to Flores, Guatemala. THREE flights in one day!
20040128where we took a van to Tikal, explored the site for the day, then took a van back to Flores.
20040129where we flew from Flores to Copan, Honduras and explored Copan.
20040130where we flew from Copan to San Salvador, El Salvador.
20040131where we participated in the Ilopango Air Show.
20040201where we flew from San Salvador to Liberia, Costa Rica for fuel and lunch, then flew to Panama City, Panama.
20040202where we explored Panama City and the Panama Canal.
20040203where we flew from Panama City to San Jose, Costa Rica, flying over the Panama Canal.
20040204where we took a Jungle Tour in the mountains around San Jose.
20040205where we flew from San Jose to Tapachula, MX.
20040206where we flew from Tapachula to Puebla, MX (for fuel, which they didn't have), then flew to Zacatecas, MX.
20040207where we explored Zacatecas
20040208where we explored more of Zacatecas, including a tram over the city and a tour of an old silver mine.
20040209where we flew from Zacatecas to Urupan, MX, flying over Volcan Paricutin, and relaxing in Parque Nacional.
20040210where we explored (Volcan Paricutin) near Urupan.
20040211where we flew from Urupan to Oaxaca, MX.
20040212where we explored the Toltec ruins near Oaxaca.
20040213where we flew from Oaxaca to Morelia, MX.
20040214where we hiked up a mountain to see butterflies.
20040215where we flew from Morelia to Laredo, TX, then to Midland, TX.
20040216where I drove from Midland to Omaha, and got pulled over three times, but no tickets.
20040217where I flew from Omaha to Washington, D.C.

Who was on Trip I

Baja 1Jack McCormickChandler, AZ
Baja 2Tanker Al (Norris)Houston, TX
Baja 3Ted KennySanta Barbara, CA
Baja 4Peter LewisSanta Barbara, CA
Baja 5Darrell ShyVentura, CA
Baja 6Thomas KoffLompoc, CA
Baja 7Mark HarrisSanta Barbara, CA
Baja 9Jerry ChandlerRedondo Beach, CA
Baja 11Mark GundersonReno NV
Baja 12Ron SlaughterLas Vegas NV
Baja 14John DonahueMonarch CA
Baja 15Thomas SkaffCuritce OH
Baja 16Dr. Jim (Gore)Griffin, GA
Baja 17Cliff BusickValencia, CA
Baja 18Murray BayleyColville, WA
Baja 19Doug PopeTucson, AZ
Baja 20Dean StahrNapa ID
Baja 21Brian CoryatSanta Barbara CA

Who was on Trip II (all Bonanza, except one Shrike)

Baja 1Jack McCormick Chandler, AZ
Baja 2Bill Stovall Evergreen, CO
Baja 3Stephen Blythe Lake Forest, CA
Baja 4Stephen Brown Fort Collins, CO
Baja 5Len Busch Wayzata, MN
Baja 6Johny Carter Oakwood, GA
Baja 7Heidi Epp Arroyo Hondo, CA
Baja 8Bob Figgle Colorado Springs, CO
Baja 9William Guinther Golden, CO
Baja 10Robert Humphrey Placerville, CO
Baja 12Scott Ramsdell Flandreau, SD
Baja 14Rob Roper Healdsburg, CA
Baja 15Neil Schilmoeller Litteton, CO
Baja 16Steve Walenz Omaha, NE
Baja 17Howard Wisner Dallas, TX
Baja 18Fred Ruefer Muskogee, OK
Baja 19Jim Thornberry Lexington, KY

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