CenAm 2003

Dad called me up one day, said "Son, you wanna go fly around in Central America?" Little did I know what those Baja Bush Pilots do. This was their fourth trip, our first.

The original version of these photos just dumped all of 'em online. In late April 2008 I decided to weed out the crap. In May 2009 I finally finished. Enjoy.

20030111 where they flew from Omaha, NE to Rockville, MD.
20030112where we flew from Rockville to Huntsville, AL for lunch, then flew to Lake Charles, LA, where we ran out of daylight, nice weather, and energy.
20030113 where we flew from Lake Charles to Brownsville, TX then to Veracruz, MX, just (barely) in time to meet the group for dinner.
20030114where we flew from Veracruz to Flores, Guatemala, then took a bus to the Jungle Lodge in Tikal.
20030115where we explored Tikal
20030116where we took a bus back to Flores then flew to Guatemala City (for fuel) then to Copan, Honduras.
20030117where we explored Copan
20030118where we flew from Copan to Puerto Escondido (I think) then to Guanajuato, Mexico.
20030119where we explored Guanajuato.
20030220where we flew from Guanajuato to McAllen, TX.
20030221where we flew from McAllen to Oklahoma City then to Omaha.
20030222where I flew from Omaha to Washington, then took Metro and a Taxi to get my car in Rockville.

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