Around the World
May 10th - July 22nd, 2010

Flying around the world in a TBM 850.

Actual Itinerary
2010-05-10where we flew from Omaha, Nebraska (UTC-6) to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (UTC-5) and checked into the Chateau Frontenac.
2010-05-11where we organized. I explored the city for a few hours while others went to the airport to ready the planes.
2010-05-12where we flew from Quebec City to Kuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada (UTC-5) and checked into the Nunavic Coop Hotel. Route: CYQB -> GADAL -> YBC -> YWK -> YKL -> VP -> CYVP.
2010-05-13where we flew from Kuujjuaq to Kangerlussuaq (UTC-3) (aka "Sondre Stromfjord") and checked into Hotel Kangerlussuaq. Route: CYVP -> GRIBS -> 63N60W -> SF -> BGSF.
2010-05-14where we flew from Kangerlussuaq to Akureyri, Iceland (UTC+0) and checked into the Hotel Kea. Route: BGSF -> N67W40 -> N67W30 -> N67W25 -> RE -> NB -> BIAR.
2010-05-15where we flew from Akureyri to Inverness, Scotland and checked into the Bunchrew House. Route: BIAR -> AKI -> ES -> NF -> 63N12W -> RATSU -> STN -> INS -> EGPE.
2010-05-16where we explored Inverness; Cawdor Castle, Balnuaran of Clavia, Culloden Battlefield and ate dinner at Chez Roux at Rocpool Retreat.
2010-05-17where we explored Inverness; I wandered around downtown, others went to a distillery, others shopped; then we toured the countryside, and at dinner at the hotel.
2010-05-18where we flew from Inverness to Paris, France (UTC+1), ate lunch at the airport (Le Taxiway), checked into the Hotel Plaza Athenee (or the Hotel Montaigne down the street), and ate dinner at Chez Francis. Route: EGPE -> NESDI -> GOW -> DCS -> HON -> DPE -> ... -> LFPT; and then NESDI -> GOW -> DCS - > HON -> WOD -> SFD -> ...
2010-05-19where we explored Paris, and ate dinner on the river Siene.
2010-05-20where we explored Paris...err...went to the Musee de l'air et de l'espace at Le Bourget airport.
2010-05-21where we flew from Paris, France to Marrakech, Morocco (UTC+1) and checked into the La Mamounia.
2010-05-22where we explored Marrakech, Morocco.
2010-05-23where we explored Marrakech, Morocco...err...relaxed and ate dinner.
2010-05-24where we flew from Marrakech, Morocco to Ibiza, Spain (UTC+2) and checked into the Fenicia Prestige Hotel.
2010-05-25where we explored Ibiza, Spain.
2010-05-26where we flew from Ibiza, Spain to Vallatta, Malta (UTC+2) and checked into the Excelsior Grand Hotel.
2010-05-27where we explored Vallatta, Malta.
2010-05-28where we flew from Vallatta, Malta to Santorini, Greece (UTC+3) and checked into the Kirini Suites & Spa.
2010-05-29where we explored Santorini, Greece. A catamaran ride around the island to a quiet cove, for dinner on the boat, then sailing (yes, wind powered) back during sunset.
2010-05-30where we explored Santorini, Greece.
2010-05-31where we flew from Santorini, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey (UTC+3) and checked into the Cigaran Palace.
2010-06-01where we explored Istanbul, Turkey.
2010-06-02where we explored Istanbul, Turkey.
2010-06-03where we flew from Istanbul, Turkey to Cairo, Egypt (UTC+3) and checked into the Mena House Oberoi.
2010-06-04where we explored Cairo, Egypt.
2010-06-05where we flew from Cairo, Egypt to Luxor, Egypt (UTC+3) and checked into the Sonesta St Georges.
2010-06-06where we explored Luxor, Egypt.
2010-06-07where we explored Luxor, Egypt.
2010-06-08where we flew from Luxor, Egypt to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt (UTC+3) and checked into the Four Seasons.
2010-06-09where we explored Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.
2010-06-10where we explored Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.
2010-06-11where we flew from Sharm El Sheik, Egypt to Dubai, UAE (UTC+4) and checked into the Burj Al Arab.
2010-06-12where we explored Dubai, UAE.
2010-06-13where we explored Dubai, UAE.
2010-06-14where we flew from Dubai, UAE to Muscat, Oman (UTC+4) and checked into the The Chedi.
2010-06-15where we explored Muscat, Oman.
2010-06-16where we flew from Muscat, Oman to Agra, India (UTC+5.5) and checked into the Oberoi Amarvilas.
2010-06-17where we explored Agra, India.
2010-06-18where we flew from Agra, India to Chiang Mai, Thailand (UTC+7) and checked into the Four Seasons Kolkata, India and checked into the The Grand Oberoi.
2010-06-19where we flew from Kolkata, India to Chiang Mai, Thailand (UTC+7) and checked into the Four Seasons.
2010-06-20where we explored Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2010-06-21where we flew from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Krabi & Railay, Thailand (UTC+7) and checked into the Rayavadee.
2010-06-22where we explored Krabi & Railay, Thailand.
2010-06-23where we explored Krabi & Railay, Thailand.
2010-06-24where we flew from Krabi & Railay, Thailand to Singapore (UTC+8) and checked into the Raffles.
2010-06-25where we explored Singapore.
2010-06-26where we flew from Singapore to Borobudur, Indonesia (UTC+8) and checked into the Amanjiwo.
2010-06-27where we explored Borobudur, Indonesia.
2010-06-28where we flew from Borobudur, Indonesia to Bali, Indonesia (UTC+8) then to Darwin, Australia (UTC+9.5).
2010-06-29where we flew from Darwin, Australia back to Bali, Indonesia (UTC+8) and checked into the Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay.
2010-06-30where we explored Bali, Indonesia.
2010-07-01where we flew from Bali, Indonesia to Kampong Jerudong, Negara Brunei Darussalam (UTC+8) and checked into the Empire Hotel & Country Club.
2010-07-02where we explored Kampong Jerudong, Negara Brunei Darussalam.
2010-07-03where we flew from Kampong Jerudong, Negara Brunei Darussalam to Siem Reap, Cambodia (UTC+7) and checked into the Hotel de la Paix.
2010-07-04where we explored Siem Reap, Cambodia.
2010-07-05where we flew from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Hong Kong (UTC+8) and checked into the Peninsula Hotel.
2010-07-06where we explored Hong Kong.
2010-07-07where we explored Hong Kong.
2010-07-08where we explored Hong Kong.
2010-07-09where we explored Hong Kong.
2010-07-10where we flew from Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan (UTC+8) and checked into the Grand Formosa Regent, a Four Seasons hotel, but no resort.
2010-07-11where we explored Taipei, Taiwan.
2010-07-12where we flew from Taipei, Taiwan to Nagoya, Japan, then took a train to Kyoto, Japan (UTC+9) and checked into the Hyatt Regency Kyoto.
2010-07-13where we explored Kyoto, Japan.
2010-07-14where we explored Kyoto, Japan.
2010-07-15where we flew from Kyoto, Japan back to Nagoya (by train) and checked into the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel, then went to a Sumo Match.
2010-07-16where we explored Nagoya, Japan.
2010-07-17where we flew from Nagoya, Japan to Chitose, Japan.
2010-07-18where we flew from Chitose, Japan to Magadan, Russia.
(take one)
where we flew from Magadan, Russia to Anchorage, Alaska (UTC-9) (crossing the International Date Line to relive July 19th again tomorrow) and checked into the Millenium Alaskan Hotel.
(take two)
where we explored Anchorage, Alaska.
2010-07-20where we flew from Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington (UTC-8) and checked into the Westin Hotel.
2010-07-21where we explored Seattle, well, just the Museum of Flight.
2010-07-22where we flew from Seattle, Washington to Omaha, Nebraska (UTC-6).

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UPDATE -- 5 Sept 2015 -- Finally finished Japan, Russia and Alaska.
UPDATE -- 27 July 2010 -- Added July 13th through 15th; the Sumo Match was already here, but I'll officially announce it anyway.
UPDATE -- 26 July 2010 -- Added July 10th through 12th, minor updates to the 9th.
UPDATE -- 25 July 2010 -- Added July 3rd through 9th. Oof.
UPDATE -- 22 July 2010 -- Back in Omaha, trip done. Slowly finishing.
UPDATE -- 10 July 2010 -- Added June 30th, July 1st and July 2nd. Not really proof reading anymore.
UPDATE -- 09 July 2010 -- Added June 27th, 28th and 29th. Yeah, a little behind.
UPDATE -- 30 June 2010 -- Updated June 18th (upside down pictures); added June 19th, 21st through 26th.
UPDATE -- 20 June 2010 -- Added June 18th and 20th (but NOT the 19th yet).
UPDATE -- 17 June 2010 -- Added June 15th, 16th and 17th.
UPDATE -- 15 June 2010 -- Added June 13th and 14th.
UPDATE -- 14 June 2010 -- Added June 9th through June 12th.
UPDATE -- 10 June 2010 -- Finally added Marrakech May 22nd, added June 2nd through June 8th.
UPDATE -- 23 May 2010 -- Last update.

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