2010-06-09 -- Sharm El Sheik

Pure relaxation and fun. No photos at all.

A few of us (not I) went snorkeling in the morning, and Jeffrey and Lyle went diving. I slowly crawled out of bed, ate breakfast, and worked on the past few days of photos by the pool. After lunch, the snorkelers convinced us to join them for another swim at 4pm; with only a waterproof case for the ContourHD, I only did video. No photos.

Dinner was on our own; Dad and I had some decent Indian dishes, Mom got a monsterous mixed seafood grill.

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS at 6.2 mm; 1/4 sec, f/2.7, ISO 800
A gigantic seafood grill, with red curry (chicken) and pepper beef. The red curry was delicious, not spicy hot, tons of curry and coconut milk flavor. The beef was a bit heavy on the black pepper.

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