September 6th - October 30th, 2011

Flying around Africa in a TBM 850.

Actual Itinerary
This is a work in progress. Few if any of the flight pages (F##:XXXX-to-XXXX) work. Those are video heavy, and just take a lot of time. None of the images are edited (cropping, color/white balance/exposure correction). None of the panoramic stitches are up. None of the high-dynamic range images are up.
2011-09-06 where we flew from Omaha, Nebraska to Gaithersburg, MD, then to St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to stay with friends for the night.
2011-09-07 where we flew from St. Johns to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
2011-09-08where we flew from Quebec City to Schefferville, Quebec, Canada for fuel, then on to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.
2011-09-09where we flew from Kangerlussuaq to Reykjavik, Iceland.
2011-09-10where we flew from Reykjavik to Bergen, Norway for fuel, then on to Prague, Czech Republic.
2011-09-11where we explored Prague on foot.
2011-09-12where we explored Prague on foot, more.
2011-09-13where we flew from Prague to Venice, Italy.
2011-09-14where we explored Venice.
2011-09-15where we flew from Venice to Rhodes, Greece.
2011-09-16where we explored Rhodes.
2011-09-17where we explored Rhodes, mode.
2011-09-18where we flew from Rhodes to Aqaba, Jordan.
2011-09-19where we explored Petra.
2011-09-20where we flew from Aqaba to Jedda, Saudia Arabia for fuel and (expensive) sandwiches, then on to Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti.
2011-09-21where we explored Djibouti.
2011-09-22where we flew from Djibouti to Nairobi, Kenya, and caught a Cessna Caravan to Bateleur Camp, Masai Masa.
2011-09-23 where we safaried, by truck, in both the morning and evening.
2011-09-24 where we safaried, by balloon and on foot.
2011-09-25 where we safaried, by truck in the morning, and visited a Masi village in the afternoon (and saw some beautiful giraffes on the way back).
2011-09-26where we flew from Bateleur Camp back to Nairobi, then on to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, then missed our flight to the next camp, and stayed at a coffee plantation.
2011-09-27where we finally make it to camp, and did a quick safari.
2011-09-28where we drive to Olduvai Gorge and the shifting sands. My camera died here.
2011-09-29where we flew from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar, Tanzania.
2011-09-30where we relaxed.
2011-10-01where we explored the city of Zanzibar.
2011-10-02where we flow from Zanzibar to Livingstone, Zambia.
2011-10-03where we explored the area by canoe.
2011-10-04where we drove to Botswana for safari, then to Victoria Falls. We were treated to a show at dinner.
2011-10-05where we flew to Rustenburg, South Africa.
2011-10-06where we safaried, in the morning and evening.
2011-10-07where we flew from Rustenburg to Cape Town, South Africa.
2011-10-08where we explored Cape Town. I wandered around town in the morning, then then we took the cable car to the top.
2011-10-09where we explored, and drove to the Cape of Good Hope.
2011-10-10where we explored wine.
2011-10-11where we flew from Cape Town to Walvis Bay, Namibia, and then took a chartered flight to Sossusvlei lodge.
2011-10-12where we walked dunes and saw Deadvlei.
2011-10-13where we flew from Walvus Bay to Ondangwa, Namibia.
2011-10-14where we flew from Ondangwa to Sao Tome.
2011-10-15where we explored Sao Tome by car, after some went fishing in the morning.
2011-10-16where we flew from Sao Tome to Accra, Ghana.
2011-10-17where we flew from Accra to Bamako, Mali, then on to Tenerife in the Canary Islands (which are part of Spain).
2011-10-18where we relaxed.
2011-10-19where we explored Las Canadas del Teide
2011-10-20where we flew from Tenerife to Madeira, Portugal.
2011-10-21where we explored Madeira.
2011-10-22where we flew from Madeira to Lisbon, Portugal.
2011-10-23where we explored Lisbon on foot.
2011-10-24where we explored Lisbon by go-kart!
2011-10-25where we flew from Lisbon to Dinard, France.
2011-10-26where we flew from Dinard to Dublin, Ireland.
2011-10-27where we explored Dublin.
2011-10-28where we flew from Dublin to Stornoway, Scotland for fuel, then on to Reykjavik.
2011-10-29where we flew from Reykjavik to Nuuk, Greenland to Goose Bay, Canada to Burlington, Vermont. Phew.
2011-10-30where we flew from Burlington to Gaithersburg, MD, and I said goodbye.
2011-10-31 where I woke up early to do yard work (it was a mess) and go to work.
2011-11-01 where I caught up on work and life.
2011-11-02 where I drove to Cold Spring Harbor, New York, for a conference. Did I even unpack?

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