Hiking in the Cibola National Forest, Albuquerque, New Mexico, during a full moon.

We start off with a nice city shot of Albuquerque, not during the full moon. Local time is probably 3pm or 4pm.

Another shot of Albuquerque.

I think I was going for the South Sandia Peak; "Three Gun Trail" jogged my imagination.

This is from the "other side" of the Sandias.

I gave up and headed back; a "normal" sunset in Albuquerque.

The sunset with different camera settings.

With a flash. Ouch!

Zoom. Nicely out of focus.

I learned my lesson. The ellipsoid shapes near the bottom of the picture are water tanks.


MOON! I packed a flash light on this trip, because I knew this would happen. I only wish I had a tripod. :-(

Yep, no foolin'! Albuquerque, New Mexico actually has street lights!

Could have been the best shot here. Where the hell was that tripod??!

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